What services can you provide with tanks?

  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Custom design

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How long has International Tank & Pipe been in business?

International Tank and Pipe Co. originated in 1904. We have over 100 hundred years of customer satisfaction, serving many of the same customers.

What are some examples of your projects?

International Tank & Pipe has worked on the following project types:

  • Nickel Extraction Tanks
  • Tungsten Mining Operations Leach Tanks
  • Aluminum Reduction Plant Thickener Tanks
  • Acid Storage Tanks
  • Wood Stave Pipelines and Penstocks (hydroelectric)
  • Waste Liquor Tanks
  • Pulp Storage Tanks and Blow Pits Tanks
  • Thickener and Clarifier tanks
  • Brining Tanks
  • Tanning Drums
  • Food Processing Tanks
  • Chemical Processing and Storage
  • Water Storage
  • Wine and Juice Processing and Storage

Why is natural insulation important for tanks?

In water Storage, wood tanks normally do not require heating to keep water from freezing. Heat loss by conduction through tank or pipe walls is appreciably less for wood than other materials. For example ,the BTU loss per square foot per hour per degree F, for steel 0.25” thick is 1,680. On the same basis, BTU for wood 2” thick is 0.5

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