Natural Insulation, Corrosion Resistance, Long Life With Low Maintenance.

If you’re in mining, pulp and paper, chemical processing, food processing, whiskey or wine aging, or water storage and transmission. If you are a municipality, a utility, a government entity, in land development, or just general industry, International’s wood tanks and pipes are available to fit your needs.

  • Water Storage
  • Chemical Processing and Storage
  • Wood Stave Pipelines and Penstocks (Hydroelectric)
  • Acid Storage Tanks
  • Waste Liquor Tanks
  • Pulp Storage Tanks and Blow Pits Tanks
  • Thickener and Clarifier Tanks
  • Brining Tanks
  • Tanning Drums
  • Food Processing Tanks
  • Wine and Juice Processing and Storage
  • Nickel Extraction Tanks
  • Tungsten Mining Operations Leach Tanks
  • Aluminum Reduction Plant Thickener Tanks
  • Acoustic Testing Tanks


Natural Insulation

Wood, a natural insulator, can help control temperatures within critical processing parameters. In water storage, wood tanks normally do not require heating to keep water from freezing. Heat loss by conduction through tank or pipe walls is appreciably less for wood than other materials. For example, the BTU loss per square foot per hour per degree F, for steel 0.25” thick is 1,680. On the same basis, BTU for wood 2” thick is 0.5.

Corrosion Resistance

Wood tanks and pipe easily handle corrosive solutions without deterioration or scale buildup. Tanks will hold acids or brines having a pH as low as 1.5, or alkalines with a pH as high as 10, with processing temperatures ranging to 200ºF. In water storage or wine aging applications, wood tanks do not add rust or affect the taste of the content in any way.

Long Life With Low Maintenance

Wood tanks and pipe have shown remarkable longevity in a variety of applications. In one plant, most of the sulphuric acid tanks have been in service for over 30 years. The sulphur dioxide brining tanks in a food processing plant are still going strong after more than 25 years and redwood water tanks are still in use after 90 years. What’s more, wood tanks and pipe never require descaling, sanding, scraping or painting. If occasional leaks occur, they can be readily repaired.


  • Clear, Douglas Fir Tank Stock: Best for Industrial applications requiring maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Clear, Redwood and Cedar: Used where superior decay resistance is required and pressure treatment is not desired. Also for water storage, wine aging, and some food processing applications.
  • Other Materials Are Available On Request: Oak and other hardwoods.
  • Licensed Contractors

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