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Wooden Tank Services 

11'0Custom Design

Internationalís engineers work closely with the customer to assist in designing each tank and pipe to fit the application. Custom Design and manufacture of wood stave tanks and related products, wood stave pipe and flume and flexible tank liners for new and existing tanks is available.

Precision Construction

All tank components are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each stave is carefully examined, then precision machined for exact fit. Where required, hoops are polypropylene extrusion coated and lugs are epoxy coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Wooden TanksExpert Installation and repair

International can arrange for expert installation or repair of wood tanks and pipe at the job site using our experienced crew or local labor under our skilled supervision.

Inspection Services

International also provides inspection and monitoring services by our qualified Professional Engineers with over 30 years experience in the wood tank and pipe industry.


Licensed Contractors