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About Us

International Tank and Pipe Co. originated in 1904. At that time it bored wood pipe out of logs up to eight feet long. The plant soon became the first in the industry to make continuous wood pipe out of staves and wire wound pipe longer than eight feet per section.

Mr. Michael Bye is a licensed Professional, Civil and Structural Engineer, having more than 30 years experience in the wood tank and pipe industry. International Tank and Pipe Co.'s tanks have been sold in all 50 states, Japan, Germany, Canada, South America, Indonesia, Greenland, Tahiti, Australia and numerous other countries.

Our previous jobs include a 20 foot pipe line 200 feet long; a 10 foot diameter flume; 5 miles of an 11' x 15' flume; 5,000 feet of a 13.5 foot diameter pipe, ten miles (completed in 1985) of a large rectangular flume and wood tanks up to 150 feet in diameter. All our work is custom designed, please click here to submit requirements and receive a quote.

Over 100 hundred years of customer satisfaction, serving many of the same customers.

Proven industry expertise and experience.

Engineering expertise gained through extensive education and experience in the industry.

Finding solutions to help customers economically solve their problems.

Finding solutions to help customers get the most out of their new and existing facilities as it relates to wood tanks, wood flume and wood pipes.

Work force with extensive experience in the wood and wood pipe industry, as well as general construction experience.

International Tank & Pipe has an excellent record of safe, efficient, professional and expert installation.

Guarantee, promise and timely backing of products and installation, with a “Value Added” mentality in materials, workmanship and installation.